A morning out birding…

(All photos clicked with Nikon D 5000, Tamron 70-300 mm lens, except the blue-bearded bee eater)

It was an amazing morning…   As you know… there are surprises every day we go out birding… Today’s surprise was the Blue bearded bee eater… Ahh!!! What a mesmerizing sight it was…  The magnificent bird was as still as a statue, perching on an electric wire close to the Bondla wildlife Sanctuary.

“Come!!! Come running with all the equipment… Omkar signalled very loudly with his gestures showing a big beard… I somehow thought that he was talking about a hornbill.  After I changed my position to the side of the bridge and peeped through my binoculars… It was such a pleasant surprise… I could not believe my eyes… A blue bearded bee eater perching on wire!!! Oh my God….  It was a very unexpected place to find a blue bearded bee eater as there were people moving within metres from the bird… and it was not at all bothered.

Blue-bearded Bee eater

Blue-bearded Bee eater

Both our guests ran to the spot and the bird allowed very close approach…  There were people moving over the bridge and the bird was basking ekdam bindass within metres away from us… Aghast I had forgotten my camera battery in the charger back at Nature’s Nest… I could not do anything other than just repent… I plainly said “I miss my camera so badly…” And another pleasant surprise… Nirmala ji… My guest offered to use her 800 mm on Canon 1D Mk 4 to be used with the recording media- SD card from my camera… I enjoyed using the machine gun with 10 frames per second speed… Lajawab…  The day was done…

Ashy wood swallows, barn swallows, dusky crag martins kept coming in… A Indian grey hornbill had decnded to feed on the fruits of the fig tree… the pair of indian grey hornbills is probably a resident here… I see them almost every day here… I just love their call… So very uncommon to a Goan bird watcher…  I love watching them…

Later we continued in the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary with sightings of Malabar trogon, Western Crowned Warbler, Malabar Wood shrike, Paradise flycatcher adult male….

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