Soft adventures are thrilling and challenging way of exploring your physical and mental endurance.  Following activities are available with us for groups.

Rappelling: The most enjoyable activity of all…Descend the cliff with the safety of belay ropes, harnesses, mittens, carabiners…. Abseil over the slope of the gorge wall under the guidance of our instructors, with the confidence of an expert.

Tyrolean Traverse: Enjoy river crossing with the help of a rope and other equipment. This technique is also known as flying fox. Almost fly over a water pool as you descend over to a lower elevation.

Trekking: Trek into the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary with the guides who have been toiling these forests for over a decade, and the ones who know the forest like the back of their palm. Enjoy either a short trek or a long trek as per your stamina and endurance.


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