Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

This was the enthusiastic group that walked nearly 30 km. during the Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek.


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Sada waterfall trek: 20 July 2014

Not many people visit this waterfall in Sada village in Karnataka as you have to trek a lot to get to the base of the waterfall which involves climbing and descending some steep slopes which many people find difficult. Even so we had a very enthusiastic group of around 50 people who trekked to this magnificent waterfall.

This was one of the difficult treks that we organised but everyone made it to the waterfall. We started from Margao at around 7.15 for Mangeli village in Maharashtra from where we started our trek. It is also possible to trek to Sada village from the Chorla Ghat but it is a much longer route (Approx 8km.) so we trekked from Mangeli.

The road to Mangeli was very misty since we were at an height of approx. 600m.


You have to start your ascend up the hill right from the starting point of the trek to reach Sada village in Karnataka. This is the view from the hill we climb to get to Sada village. You can see the Tilari dam reservoir from here. There are also other waterfalls in the hills surrounding the village.

sada view

We made it to the village in an hour’s time, kept some stuff in the village and trekked down to the waterfall. Everyone had their experience of leeches on the way. This part of the trek was a steep downhill descend to the waterfall and to add to that the route was very slippery and muddy. So that made it a little bit more difficult. At about 1’o clock we made it to the waterfall and it was a sight to behold. Here are a few photos of it.

sada 1

This is near the base of the waterfall.

sada 2

The water splashing upon contact with the floor would hit you hard. It was anamazing experience. People enjoyed in the water for a while and then we began the trek back to the village. By then everyone was hungry and were just eager to get back to the village. In the village we had arranged for lunch at a friend’s house. Post lunch we began our trek back to Mangeli village and strted our journey back to Margao

Overall we had a fantastic group for the trek. Everyone enjoyed the trek, had amazing experiences. We also had a local guide who helped us all along the way. Canopy thanks all the participants for making this trek a success. This was the wonderful group that trekked to the Sada waterfall.

sada group


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Savri Waterfall Trek: 13th July 2014

This year’s weekend treks as of now have been awesome. The first one was at Tambdi Surla waterfall which was a superb trek. Since it did not rain much this year there was a little less water which was perfect for everyone as everyone could go under the falls.

Savri Waterfall trek was organised on 13th July 2014 which was the second of our series of Monsoon weekend treks. A total of 36 people participated to make it a success. We started from Panjim at 7.30 and travelled to Netravali via Margao. Had our breakfast at Tanshikar’s spice farm.

Then we proceeded to Savri village in Netravali wildlife sanctuary to begin our trek. We had a local guide GURUDAS with us who guided us very well. We started the trek and reached the first stream that we had to cross when Gurudas suggested that the currents were strong and we should cross from a different spot. So we followed him a little upstream. Thankfully we had carried a rope with us which helped us a great deal to cross all the fast flowing streams.

This was the first of all the 8 crossings we had to do during the course of the trek.

20140713_110114 - Copy 20140713_110301 - Copy

The trek is usually a very short one but the fast flowing streams and the strong water currents made it difficult for us and took us nearly 2 hours to reach the waterfall. After crossing all the streams we finally reached the waterfall and the sight was amazing. The Savri waterfall was in full flow. Never had we seen it having so much of water. It was difficult just to lift your head and look at the waterfall as the water splashing from the waterfall would get into you eyes.

Here are some of our participants with the waterfall in the background and a photo of the waterfall.

20140713_124148 - Copy10527793_10201578307974162_2663969099384564515_n

The experience was magnificent. We spent some time near the waterfall and started our trek back crossing all the streams we crossed earlier. Here is another of the crossings on our way back. Many of the participants also helped us get people across

20140713_114536 - Copy

As it was raining most of the time and we were busy crossing streams every 10 minutes we didnot have a chance to see much wildlife around. But we saw one of the most sought after snake in Goa by photographers- The Hump-nosed Pit Viper.

We came back to Tanshikar’s Spice farm for Lunch. The food was delicious, everybody loved it. Post lunch we went for a quick visit of the ‘Budbudyachi Tali’ in the village and then we began our journey back to Panjim.

In all this was one of the best treks organised by Canopy. We thank all the participants for making this trek a success and hope for your future participation in the treks to come.

All the photos in this post are clicked by the trek participants.


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Workshop for data recording by Canopy and Western Ghats Portal

Your nature photo is more than just a pretty image!


It holds valuable data that can help ecology and conservation! Let your images help map species and enhance our understanding of biodiversity!


The Western Ghats Portal, an initiative under the India Biodiversity Portal, has established an Open Access, collaborative information system that aggregates and integrates an array of biodiversity knowledge such as datasets, analysis tools and published works. We believe information is the key to conservation.


Canopy Goa promotes responsible nature tourism in Goa.  We conduct birding, wildlife camps and workshops in Goa and have a wildlife & nature lodge called Nature’s Nest on the border of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa.


Together, we are conducting a One-Day Workshop (free!) to expose the tools available on the Western Ghats Portal for recording biodiversity information on our citizen science platform, the Observation Interface. It allows users to upload photographs of species observed; collaboratively identify species; and contribute to enriching our understanding of biodiversity. The objective is to crowd source biodiversity information from scientists, amateurs and naturalists dispersed across various geographies. It also allows users to interact through Facebook, making it a community-driven and participatory platform.



Workshop schedule: 18 May, 9.00 am at Goa Science centre


Introduction to the Western Ghats Portal


Field trip: to Caranzalem Sand dunes & beach to photograph and record local biodiversity


Online upload session: a hands-on photograph upload session, where participants can create observations and interact with the Western Ghats Portal



This is an open event, participation is encouraged from diverse audiences. Bring along your cameras and let’s together map the biodiversity of Goa!



Confirm your participation with: Mr. Pankaj Lad on pankaj@canopygoa.com.


                         in collaboration with





http://canopygoa.com/                                                           http://thewesternghats.indiabiodiversity.org



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Butterfly camps

Canopy had recently organised two butterfly camps. One for Kedsan Adventures from Mumbai and the other was for the general public. The programme was the same for both the camps with two trails one each at Tambdi Surla (Bhagwan Mahavir WLS) and Netravali WLS. There were some amazing sightings during both the camps.

Following are the important species that were seen during both the camps:

Malabar Raven, Malabar Tree Nymph, Southern Birdwing, Kanara Oakblue, Tamil Oakblue, Black Rajah, Common Nawab, Blue Nawab, Dark Cerulean, Plane, Fluffy Tit, Common Imperial, Small Leopard, Clipper, Red-spot Duke, White-banded Awl, Wax Dart, Chestnut Angle.

Also seen were caterpillars of Leaf Blue, Malabar Tree Nymph, Chestnut Angle, Golden Angle, Common Mime, Common Evening Brown, Indian Palm Bob.

Another good sighting was that of the Atlas moth.

Here are some of the photos.


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no images were found

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A morning out birding…

(All photos clicked with Nikon D 5000, Tamron 70-300 mm lens, except the blue-bearded bee eater)

It was an amazing morning…   As you know… there are surprises every day we go out birding… Today’s surprise was the Blue bearded bee eater… Ahh!!! What a mesmerizing sight it was…  The magnificent bird was as still as a statue, perching on an electric wire close to the Bondla wildlife Sanctuary.

“Come!!! Come running with all the equipment… Omkar signalled very loudly with his gestures showing a big beard… I somehow thought that he was talking about a hornbill.  After I changed my position to the side of the bridge and peeped through my binoculars… It was such a pleasant surprise… I could not believe my eyes… A blue bearded bee eater perching on wire!!! Oh my God….  It was a very unexpected place to find a blue bearded bee eater as there were people moving within metres from the bird… and it was not at all bothered.

Blue-bearded Bee eater

Blue-bearded Bee eater

Both our guests ran to the spot and the bird allowed very close approach…  There were people moving over the bridge and the bird was basking ekdam bindass within metres away from us… Aghast I had forgotten my camera battery in the charger back at Nature’s Nest… I could not do anything other than just repent… I plainly said “I miss my camera so badly…” And another pleasant surprise… Nirmala ji… My guest offered to use her 800 mm on Canon 1D Mk 4 to be used with the recording media- SD card from my camera… I enjoyed using the machine gun with 10 frames per second speed… Lajawab…  The day was done…

Ashy wood swallows, barn swallows, dusky crag martins kept coming in… A Indian grey hornbill had decnded to feed on the fruits of the fig tree… the pair of indian grey hornbills is probably a resident here… I see them almost every day here… I just love their call… So very uncommon to a Goan bird watcher…  I love watching them…

Later we continued in the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary with sightings of Malabar trogon, Western Crowned Warbler, Malabar Wood shrike, Paradise flycatcher adult male….

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Digiscoping Birds…

Have a look at some of the photographs clicked during our bird watching excursions in December. All of them clicked with a cell phone through the spotting scope.

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Overnight camp at Cotigao: 21-22 July 2012

There were quite a few sightings for the overnight camp at Cotigao. We started for Cotigao in the afternoon and reached there by 3.00 pm.

Later we went to the sanctuary to a place called tree top which is a watch tower built on top of a tall tree.

We were welcome into the sanctuary with the calls of the White-bellied Blue Flycatcher which is a bird endemic to the Western Ghats. We also saw many other birds like the Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Barbet, Malabar Parakeet, Racket-tailed Drongos….On the way we saw a Vine Snake just by the road. Everyone got good snaps of it.

We returned from the sanctuary at about 6.00 pm. For the night trail we saw the Malabar Gliding frog which also is endemic to the Western Ghats. There were about 6 of them. Then again we saw some other frogs like the Burrowing frogs, Ornate narrow-mouthed frog, East Asian tree Frog, Skittering Frog and Indian Bull Frog. We also managed to see the Indian Tree Toad.

One of the Participants also spotted an Indian Python about 2 metres long crossing the road. That was one of the highlight of the trip apart from the Malabar Gliding Frog. Also a termite Hill gecko was spotted hiding within the stones of a rubble wall.

The next morning we had an early birding trail in the campus itself. The birds seen were Bronzed Drongo, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Rufous Treepie, Racket-tailed Drongo, Black-rumped Flameback….

Then we started for the Kuske Waterfall which is in the Kuske village in Cotigao WIldlife Sanctuary. The waterfall was just amazing. The water just bounced off the rocks that it fell on right on to our faces. One could only stand facing the waterfall with difficulty as the wind and the water combined would throw one off balance. The amount of water splashing was so much that we could not get out our cameras for some photographs.

Everyone enjoyed in the water and then headed back to the camp site.

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Trek to Tambdi Surla and Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Canopy Goa had organised a trek to The Tambdi Surla Waterfall on 1st July 2012. It was a wonderful outing for all the participants as the trek involved crossing many smal but fast flowing streams enroute to the waterfall.

The walk was through a moist deciduous and evergreen forest with cane all along the way. It was a good day for snakes with 4 hump-nosed pit vipers spotted along the way. Also the sounds of many birds could be heard but very few seen.

The waterfall was in its full flow due to the rains. The participants enjoyed in the water with luckily the rains just pouring when people reached the waterfall.

Later everyone visited the 13th century Tambdi Surla temple and proceeded for Lunch at Nature’s Nest.


The Dudhsagar trek was scheduled on 8th of July 2012. There was overwhelming response for that trek with 60 participants showing up for the same. We boarded the Vasco-Howrah Amaravati express train from Margao and got down at Dudhsagar station.

Everyone walked along the railway trek to the Dudhsagar waterfall which is about 500m from the station. People enjoyed at the waterfall for an hour. Then began the walk back to Collem along the railway track with although small but beautiful waterfalls on the way. Also seen were some butterflies like the Blue Oakleaf, Blue Mormon, Malabar Tree Nymph etc.

One of the participants also spotted a snake along the way which was a Variegated Kukri snake also called the Russell’s kukri. The participants had their Lunch near the Sonaulim village which is enroute Collem. Upon having Lunch we proceeded to a beautiful Cascade about a kilometer from Collem which people enjoyed a lot.

After about 45 mins in the water we proceeded to the Collem railway station from where we boarded the Local train to Margao.


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