Butterfly camps

Canopy had recently organised two butterfly camps. One for Kedsan Adventures from Mumbai and the other was for the general public. The programme was the same for both the camps with two trails one each at Tambdi Surla (Bhagwan Mahavir WLS) and Netravali WLS. There were some amazing sightings during both the camps.

Following are the important species that were seen during both the camps:

Malabar Raven, Malabar Tree Nymph, Southern Birdwing, Kanara Oakblue, Tamil Oakblue, Black Rajah, Common Nawab, Blue Nawab, Dark Cerulean, Plane, Fluffy Tit, Common Imperial, Small Leopard, Clipper, Red-spot Duke, White-banded Awl, Wax Dart, Chestnut Angle.

Also seen were caterpillars of Leaf Blue, Malabar Tree Nymph, Chestnut Angle, Golden Angle, Common Mime, Common Evening Brown, Indian Palm Bob.

Another good sighting was that of the Atlas moth.

Here are some of the photos.


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