Pankaj Lad

Mr. Pankaj Lad

Received formal training as a Geologist.  Started Canopy with an intention of creating a role model for combining tourism and conservation with the base of research and environment education in the year 2008.  He partners Canopy with Gaurish Lad, Ramesh Zarmekar.

Pankaj Lad is well known among the birding community for his expertise on the vocalisations of birds of the Western Ghats.  He considers Heinz Lainer (the author of the book Birds of Goa) as his inspiration for serious birding and making the hobby & profession into a tool for bird data generation, research as a conservation tool.

Pankaj has been associated with Vivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade (VEAB), an NGO based in Goa that works for environment education and awareness in Goa since its conception.

Pankaj has worked on projects and conservation issues in Goa with eminent environmentalist Mr. Rajendra Kerkar, Herpetologist Mr. Nirmal Kulkarni, Butterfly and dragonfly expert Mr. Parag Rangnekar and on projects with Dr. Janarthanam, Angiosperm Taxonomist & Professor at  Dept. of Botany, Goa University.

He has worked with Mr. Andrew Mascarenhas for a project on bird calls that included documentation of bird calls in the state of Goa-India.  You can find more information on

He has to his credit first reports of 4 species of birds for Goa with Mr. Parag Rangnekar.  Pankaj is also authoring a book named Photographic guide to Birds of Goa with Mr. Parag Rangnekar.

You can get in touch with Pankaj on or on his mobile number 09764261711.

You can check his profile on

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