Sada waterfall trek: 20 July 2014

Not many people visit this waterfall in Sada village in Karnataka as you have to trek a lot to get to the base of the waterfall which involves climbing and descending some steep slopes which many people find difficult. Even so we had a very enthusiastic group of around 50 people who trekked to this magnificent waterfall.

This was one of the difficult treks that we organised but everyone made it to the waterfall. We started from Margao at around 7.15 for Mangeli village in Maharashtra from where we started our trek. It is also possible to trek to Sada village from the Chorla Ghat but it is a much longer route (Approx 8km.) so we trekked from Mangeli.

The road to Mangeli was very misty since we were at an height of approx. 600m.


You have to start your ascend up the hill right from the starting point of the trek to reach Sada village in Karnataka. This is the view from the hill we climb to get to Sada village. You can see the Tilari dam reservoir from here. There are also other waterfalls in the hills surrounding the village.

sada view

We made it to the village in an hour’s time, kept some stuff in the village and trekked down to the waterfall. Everyone had their experience of leeches on the way. This part of the trek was a steep downhill descend to the waterfall and to add to that the route was very slippery and muddy. So that made it a little bit more difficult. At about 1’o clock we made it to the waterfall and it was a sight to behold. Here are a few photos of it.

sada 1

This is near the base of the waterfall.

sada 2

The water splashing upon contact with the floor would hit you hard. It was anamazing experience. People enjoyed in the water for a while and then we began the trek back to the village. By then everyone was hungry and were just eager to get back to the village. In the village we had arranged for lunch at a friend’s house. Post lunch we began our trek back to Mangeli village and strted our journey back to Margao

Overall we had a fantastic group for the trek. Everyone enjoyed the trek, had amazing experiences. We also had a local guide who helped us all along the way. Canopy thanks all the participants for making this trek a success. This was the wonderful group that trekked to the Sada waterfall.

sada group


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