Savri Waterfall Trek: 13th July 2014

This year’s weekend treks as of now have been awesome. The first one was at Tambdi Surla waterfall which was a superb trek. Since it did not rain much this year there was a little less water which was perfect for everyone as everyone could go under the falls.

Savri Waterfall trek was organised on 13th July 2014 which was the second of our series of Monsoon weekend treks. A total of 36 people participated to make it a success. We started from Panjim at 7.30 and travelled to Netravali via Margao. Had our breakfast at Tanshikar’s spice farm.

Then we proceeded to Savri village in Netravali wildlife sanctuary to begin our trek. We had a local guide GURUDAS with us who guided us very well. We started the trek and reached the first stream that we had to cross when Gurudas suggested that the currents were strong and we should cross from a different spot. So we followed him a little upstream. Thankfully we had carried a rope with us which helped us a great deal to cross all the fast flowing streams.

This was the first of all the 8 crossings we had to do during the course of the trek.

20140713_110114 - Copy 20140713_110301 - Copy

The trek is usually a very short one but the fast flowing streams and the strong water currents made it difficult for us and took us nearly 2 hours to reach the waterfall. After crossing all the streams we finally reached the waterfall and the sight was amazing. The Savri waterfall was in full flow. Never had we seen it having so much of water. It was difficult just to lift your head and look at the waterfall as the water splashing from the waterfall would get into you eyes.

Here are some of our participants with the waterfall in the background and a photo of the waterfall.

20140713_124148 - Copy10527793_10201578307974162_2663969099384564515_n

The experience was magnificent. We spent some time near the waterfall and started our trek back crossing all the streams we crossed earlier. Here is another of the crossings on our way back. Many of the participants also helped us get people across

20140713_114536 - Copy

As it was raining most of the time and we were busy crossing streams every 10 minutes we didnot have a chance to see much wildlife around. But we saw one of the most sought after snake in Goa by photographers- The Hump-nosed Pit Viper.

We came back to Tanshikar’s Spice farm for Lunch. The food was delicious, everybody loved it. Post lunch we went for a quick visit of the ‘Budbudyachi Tali’ in the village and then we began our journey back to Panjim.

In all this was one of the best treks organised by Canopy. We thank all the participants for making this trek a success and hope for your future participation in the treks to come.

All the photos in this post are clicked by the trek participants.


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