Trek to Tambdi Surla and Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Canopy Goa had organised a trek to The Tambdi Surla Waterfall on 1st July 2012. It was a wonderful outing for all the participants as the trek involved crossing many smal but fast flowing streams enroute to the waterfall.

The walk was through a moist deciduous and evergreen forest with cane all along the way. It was a good day for snakes with 4 hump-nosed pit vipers spotted along the way. Also the sounds of many birds could be heard but very few seen.

The waterfall was in its full flow due to the rains. The participants enjoyed in the water with luckily the rains just pouring when people reached the waterfall.

Later everyone visited the 13th century Tambdi Surla temple and proceeded for Lunch at Nature’s Nest.


The Dudhsagar trek was scheduled on 8th of July 2012. There was overwhelming response for that trek with 60 participants showing up for the same. We boarded the Vasco-Howrah Amaravati express train from Margao and got down at Dudhsagar station.

Everyone walked along the railway trek to the Dudhsagar waterfall which is about 500m from the station. People enjoyed at the waterfall for an hour. Then began the walk back to Collem along the railway track with although small but beautiful waterfalls on the way. Also seen were some butterflies like the Blue Oakleaf, Blue Mormon, Malabar Tree Nymph etc.

One of the participants also spotted a snake along the way which was a Variegated Kukri snake also called the Russell’s kukri. The participants had their Lunch near the Sonaulim village which is enroute Collem. Upon having Lunch we proceeded to a beautiful Cascade about a kilometer from Collem which people enjoyed a lot.

After about 45 mins in the water we proceeded to the Collem railway station from where we boarded the Local train to Margao.


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