Workshop for data recording by Canopy and Western Ghats Portal

Your nature photo is more than just a pretty image!


It holds valuable data that can help ecology and conservation! Let your images help map species and enhance our understanding of biodiversity!


The Western Ghats Portal, an initiative under the India Biodiversity Portal, has established an Open Access, collaborative information system that aggregates and integrates an array of biodiversity knowledge such as datasets, analysis tools and published works. We believe information is the key to conservation.


Canopy Goa promotes responsible nature tourism in Goa.  We conduct birding, wildlife camps and workshops in Goa and have a wildlife & nature lodge called Nature’s Nest on the border of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa.


Together, we are conducting a One-Day Workshop (free!) to expose the tools available on the Western Ghats Portal for recording biodiversity information on our citizen science platform, the Observation Interface. It allows users to upload photographs of species observed; collaboratively identify species; and contribute to enriching our understanding of biodiversity. The objective is to crowd source biodiversity information from scientists, amateurs and naturalists dispersed across various geographies. It also allows users to interact through Facebook, making it a community-driven and participatory platform.



Workshop schedule: 18 May, 9.00 am at Goa Science centre


Introduction to the Western Ghats Portal


Field trip: to Caranzalem Sand dunes & beach to photograph and record local biodiversity


Online upload session: a hands-on photograph upload session, where participants can create observations and interact with the Western Ghats Portal



This is an open event, participation is encouraged from diverse audiences. Bring along your cameras and let’s together map the biodiversity of Goa!



Confirm your participation with: Mr. Pankaj Lad on


                         in collaboration with




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